What is this website all about?

      First of all, let me thank you for coming to my website!
      I have a lot to say and show and I hope you are informed by what you find here.

      Well, where do I start?
      OK. Politically, I'm a Constitutionalist. An Originalist.
      I believe in absolute rights and wrongs. I believe in personal freedom, private property rights and equal opportunity for every individual.
      I believe in morals and ethics and judgments.... oh my!!!
      I -we- have been screwed by individuals, government, agencies, organizations, entities...... you name it!!!
      I'm done.
      It's just that simple.
      This website is a way to put us up front. I won't, and don't need, to hide. How more obvious can I get than EricAndreasson.com?!?!?!!?!
      If you screw with me or my family, you will be the next icon on this web site. I promise.
      The Web is the newest, quickest, most transparent way to make information available to almost every person on Earth in real time. And I'm going to use it.
      EricAndreasson.com will also be used for many other things that are an extension of my life. There is an icon, for example, of my son-in-laws' original music. Another for my in-progress book about Aspergers, the forming of the Church of Blink, and many more to come. I have given this site no limits.
      I welcome you to a new world of technology. I challenge you to be as open and transparent as I am being. I hope to teach you, as well as learn from you.
      Let's evolve together.

What to expect in the future?

Here's a look at some of the things I'd still like to have coming to my site .....

      Patentable ideas I've had (investors pay attention!!!!)
      Links on specific subjects
      My blog
      The Justice Conspiracy; A brand new network, centralized here, devoted to people that have successfully defended themselves from the "system" and others that were attempting to violate their rights or scam them in some way.
      My encounter with The Hartford Insurance and how what I uncovered might effect YOU and the possesion of your own vehicle!!
      My wife's tires being slashed at the Tucson Mall for religious reasons?!?!?! By a gang of teenagers?!?!?!
      A case about a woman, her little child and fighting the whole system to protect that child from the father
      Unique ideas in science, religion or any other catagory that makes us expand our minds and contributes to sharing of ideas and mutual learning
      And much, MUCH more..........